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Pharmacy Technician

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Job Type

Part-Full Time

About the Role

Oak Medical Arts is seeking a Registered Pharmacy Technician to practice at our community pharmacy. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a Pharmacy Technician!

Oak is expanding and we are looking for a Pharmacy Technician to practice in a dispensing location that is completely lead by a technician, where you will be practicing to the full scope of your practice. This job opportunity is one-of-a-kind, innovative and would be a ground breaking type of practice in community pharmacy for a technician. We currently operate four pharmacy locations, and this would be a brand new location with strong support from our existing pharmacy team.


Scope of Support:

  • Practice to full scope of a Registered Pharmacy Technician

  • All Pharmacy Tasks (prescription preparation, inventory management, workflow, etc.)

  • Customer Service

  • Pharmacist Support

Key Qualifications:

  • Registered Pharmacy Technician with Ontario College of Pharmacists

  • Experience working as a pharmacy assistant/pharmacy technician

  • Familiar with Kroll software

Roles and Responsibilities:

Pharmacy Daily Tasks

  • All Kroll functions

  • Receiving phone calls

  • Refill requests

  • New prescription faxes, etc.

  • Prescription filling

  • Unfills

  • Medsync and autofill

  • Report printing

  • Adding new patients

  • Adding coverage

  • Keeping accurate profiles

  • Adding notes as needed

  • Organizing space and workflow

  • Managing supplies


  • Completing technical check of prescriptions

  • Checking and preparing blister packages

  • Entering prescriptions

  • Unfills

  • Counting and preparing prescriptions

  • Completing refill requests

  • Methadone and suboxone scripts

  • Billing blister packs

  • Running batches

  • Third party billing

  • All required documentation i.e. ministry billing codes, nutrition forms

  • NIHB and other third party billing

  • Troubleshooting billing

  • Consent forms

Customer Service

  • Friendly, fast, efficient and exceptional care

  • Answering phones

  • All till functions

  • Coordinating and setting up deliveries

  • Answering questions

  • Coordinating care between our locations if needed

  • Booking clinical services appointments or other appointments as applicable

Inventory Management

  • Managing drug orders

  • Narc counts

  • Inventory counts

  • Return to stock

  • Managing minimum and maximum in Kroll drug cards

  • McKesson (sending and receiving orders, looking up prices, reports, etc.)

Pharmacist Support

  • Help with supporting the pharmacist’s practice, organization and dispensary workflow, clinical billing assistant, accurate preparation of all blister packs, prescriptions, reports, etc.

  • Understanding the scope of a pharmacist, referring all patient questions to the pharmacist, looking for opportunities to inform patients about the role and scope of a pharmacist, identifying opportunities for clinical services.

  • Understand the role of a pharmacy technician, utilize the technician when possible and appropriate.


  • Organization of day and tasks, working as a team with other pharmacy staff, demonstrating efficient, time management.

  • Working with the pharmacist and technician to enter and prepare all scripts, coordinate checking of all scripts, answer questions and direct to the pharmacist as needed. Working with clinic locations to optimize patient care and collaboration.

About the Company

Oak Medical Arts is a locally-owned network of six clinic and pharmacy locations in Thunder Bay. Our team-based model integrates many health professions including: walk-in clinic services, pharmacy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, foot care, harm reduction, kinesiology, mental health counselling and much more. Our goal is to make it easy to access great healthcare, know our patients, provide great care and improve the health of Thunder Bay and community overall!

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