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Registered Kinesiologist

955 Sanders Drive, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Scope of Support:
Practice to full scope of a Registered Kinesiologist
Collaborative practice with our Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists
Exceptional patient care

Key Qualifications:
Registered Kinesiologist with College of Kinesiologists of Ontario
Experience working as a kinesiologist
Experience working on a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team with other healthcare providers



  • Collaborate with a physiotherapist for rehab treatment programs

  • Execute on physiotherapist led treatment plan

  • Work with patients in between physiotherapy appointments, as a part of the treatment plan

Kinesiology Treatment

  • Be responsible for the provision of one-on-one and group kinesiology exercise prescription

  • Provide disability management coordination

  • Complete functional assessments

  • Work with a client profile that can range from orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, to cognitive and/or mood related

  • Design and implement a therapeutic exercise program to meet the identified client needs

  • Prepare progress and discharge reports delegated by the treating clinician

  • Assist the treating clinician with return to work planning

  • Teach a variety of group education classes

  • Assist health professional team with assessing patient medical conditions, overall health, review musculoskeletal health, posture and reflexes

  • Facilitate neuromusculoskeletal therapy

  • Counselling and education on lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise


  • Assess patient active and passive range of motion [ROM]

  • Assess strength

  • Review asymmetries or imbalances present

  • Facilitate development of exercise program and guided stretches

  • Summarized findings from the assessment will be provided to the supervising health provider

  • Manual soft tissue release can be applied to the patient if indicated during strength and mobility treatments

Kinesiologist Resources

  • Utilization of assessment questionnaires such as:

  • Get Active Questionnaire

  • Abilities for Active Living Questionnaire AAL-Q

  • Physical Activity

  • Sedentary Behaviour Questionnaire

  • PASB-Q

  • Barriers to Physical Activity Questionnaire

About the Company

Oak Medical Arts is an innovative health clinic model that integrates various health professions including: walk-in clinic services, pharmacy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, foot care, liver health, harm reduction, mental health services and much more. Operated and owned by local health professionals, the clinics are positioned to provide tailored patient care to the communities they serve.

Oak Medical Arts is seeking a Registered Kinesiologist to practice at our local clinic locations.

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