step 1: chiropractic assessment

Chiropractic Assessment


-Past Treatments


-Review Treatment Options

step 2: Develop Treatment plan

Adjustments & Alignments

Initial Assessment                     $85.00

45-60 minutes

Follow-Up Treatment               $60.00

20-30 minutes



Initial Assessment                     $85.00

45-60 minutes

Follow-Up Treatment               $60.00

20-30 minutes


Initial Assessment                     $85.00

45-60 minutes

Acupuncture Treatment           $75.00

20-30 minutes


x-ray requisition

Before any major adjustments, the chiropractor will order xrays to guide treatment

direct billing

All services are available for direct billing to health benefit plans


The chiropractor will work closely with the doctor, pharmacist, massage therapist, and nurses to maximize treatment

Strong Back.

Strong Health.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Fascial Distortion: Treatment model developed by US physician Stephen Typaldos, D.O.



Continuum Distortions™

Cylinder Distortions™

Herniated Triggerpoints™

Folding Distortions™

Tectonic Fixations™

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Pre-Chiro Massage

1. targeted to treatment area

Massage focused to area of chiropractic adjustment

2. quick warm-up

15-20 minute warm-up session

3. more effective chiropractic

Chiro can more easily perform adjustments = improved treatment

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