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Are you looking to improve your athletic performance? Build strength? Lean out? Improve your cardio?

Whether you're an amateur or elite level athlete, our Athletic Trainers is here to improve your performance with a customized exercise program tailored to your goals.

Our trainers are Health Professionals and Certified Personal Trainers who specialize in movement, rehabilitation and strength training.


Book an appointment with our Athletic Trainers and get a personalized exercise plan specific to your goals and sport!


Our team looks forward to the opportunity to work with you in developing your personal exercise routine today!

Athletic Training Services 

Individual Training 

Mini Group (2-6) Training 

One-on-one assessment and training time with our athletic trainer to provide you with a specialized exercise session specific to your needs and goals as an athlete.


  • Initial Appointment - 30 min - $100.00. The initial appointment is an assessment and includes your first training session

  • First Training Session - 60 min - $0. The first training session is booked at the time of the initial assessment.

  • Follow up Training Session - 60 min - $85.00. Follow up appointments are booked following the first training session as needed. 

Mini Group sessions are available for 2-6 people and will provide the group with a training session developed specifically for the groups goals or sport. Split the cost and increase that motivation in a group training session! 

  • Initial Appointment - 30 min - $135.00.

  • Assessment and first training session included

Individual and Group Packages

Individual and group training packages are available if you are looking for the athletic trainer to progress and extend your training sessions to meet or reach a goal. 



Initial Appointment    30 minutes      $100.00

First Training Session    60 minutes    $0.00

Follow-up Session    60 minutes    $85.00

Individual Athletic Training Packages:

  • 5 Personal Training Sessions    $418.75

  • 10 Personal Training Sessions    $765.00

  • 20 Personal Training Sessions    $1,350.00​

Mini Group Athletic Training Packages:

  • Single Session                $135.00

  • 5 Group Athletic Training Sessions:    $585.00

  • 10 Group Athletic Training Sessions:    $1,095.00

  • 20 Group Athletic Training Sessions:     $1,935.00

Stretch + Mobility

  • 30 minutes of stretching with Athletic Trainer    $40.00

Foam Rolling

  • 30 minutes of foam rolling with Athletic Trainer    $40.00

Meet our Trainer - Jordan Wiemer 

Jordan Wiemer

Athletic Training services are offered at the following location:


955 Sanders Dr

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1

P: (807) 343-8936
F: (807)333-0094

All your healthcare needs, under one roof.

Healthcare can be hard, we make it easy. At Oak, we strive to look at the big picture and take care of your health in all areas, not just one. This is where we know you by name, and you know us; where your health is our priority and we will go above and beyond; where you have an entire team working with you on your health and where your choice to support local means that our whole community thrives.

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