Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Job Type

Full-time, Part-time, Casual, Permanent

About the Role

Clinical Practice:

The Pharmacist will have the opportunity to self-direct a variety of pharmacist clinical care services. Many initiatives involve point of care testing, provider collaboration, and/or therapeutic consultations.

Acute: Infectious Dx Screening [H.pylori, strep, influenza]
Pharmacist-Led Telemedicine Consultations
Chronic: Heart Health Consultations [Cholesterol POCT], diabetes [A1c, monofilament, cholesterol]
osteoporosis – bone density screening
warfarin – INR monitoring
Pain Optimization Assessments
Preventative: Arrhythmia Screening
Medication Review Home Visits
Phamacogenomic Screening
Smoking Cessation / Lung Carbon Monoxide Screen

Multidisciplinary Team:

Multidisciplinary care leads to improved client outcomes. All Oak providers rely on each other’s professional strengths to develop shared care plans, optimize patient outcomes, and learn from one another.

Physician / NP Pharmacist Pre-screens prior to assessment [MedsChecks, Pharm Opinions, recommendations]
Chiropractor Pain Optimization Assessments & Shared Pt cases
Nursing Footcare 50% of clients have diabetes [shared pt cases]
Pharmacist – Nurse paired home visit
Addiction Medicine Coordination of Health services
Screening for HIV/Hep C/infectious Diseases


Our team is looking for a motivated, innovative, collaborative pharmacist to practice with our team. Our ideal candidate recognizes that pharmacy is more than putting pills in a bottle and that we have so much to offer our patients and fellow health professionals. Practice is more than clocking in and out, it is about making meaningful changes in someone’s life. Our profession has grown tremendously over the past few years, and now has the resources and tools to practice to our full potential.

About the Company

Oak Medical Arts is an innovative health clinic model that integrates various health professions including: walk-in clinic services, pharmacy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, foot care, liver health, harm reduction, mental health services and much more. Operated and owned by local health professionals, the clinics are positioned to provide tailored patient care to the communities they serve.

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