Liver Fibrosis

Liver Fibrosis occurs when there has been damage to the liver. With continued damage, the liver becomes "stiff", and starts to lose it's ability to filter and clean the body. Liver fibrosis has three main causes:


Viral Hepatitis


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Alcohol Induced

Longterm Alcohol Consumption

Fatty Liver

Diet and Lifestyle

Screening Program

The Liver Fibrosis Screening Program includes a diverse number of trained health professionals to offer a comprehensive and timely consultation for patients at risk of fibrosis. The workflow of the clinic is as follows:


By health professional or organization

medscheck consultation

Pharmacist screening for interactions, damaging liver medications, and recommendations


Trained technician performs fibroscan screening

doctor interpretation

Medical doctor interprets test results, provides recommendations, and provides a consultation note.


All patients are welcome to receive a Liver Fibrosis Screening. This may range from fortuitous screening, to disease staging, to follow-up. General wellness assessments are also welcome.

Fortuitous screening

Wellness assessment. Identify problems before they become big ones

symptomatic screening

Elevated liver enzymes, poor cholesterol levels, gut/bowel issues



Identify fibrosis score to help guide therapy.

follow-up assessment

Following treatment, check in with how your liver is doing


No Charge

Currently no charge for testing.

1st Tuesday of each month

Part of our Super Tuesday partnership with Elevate NWO 

30 minutes appointment

Pharmacist Screen
Technician FibroScan
Doctor Interpretation


2h fasting before test

Do not eat or drink before the test.



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