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Nurse Practitioner

Medical Services

Our Nurse Practitioners will take care of you and your health. 

Oak Medical Arts offers walk-in and family clinic to Thunder Bay through our Private Nurse Practitioner Clinics. 


Our Nurse Practitioners provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of health and medical conditions, as well as order labs, diagnostics and make referrals when needed. If you have a minor health concern, you can see our walk-in for assessment and treatment, and if you are struggling to find a family doctor or NP, you can see our clinic for management of your chronic medical conditions and medications.

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Medical Services

Walk-in Clinic 



Our Walk-in Clinic is open access to Oak patients and the general public for common and minor ailments by walk-in appointment.

To ensure timely access to care, we focus our walk-in visits as follows:​

  • One issue - one visit

  • No narcotics or controlled substances

  • Therapy and prescription durations of 2-4 weeks

Consult Clinic



Our Consult Clinic is focused more on chronic health concerns that may require full or longer assessments, labs and/or diagnostics, referrals or completion of medical forms

This clinic focuses on more complex health concerns that may require full assessments, labs and diagnostics, referrals, and completion of medical forms:​

  • No narcotics or controlled substances

  • Labs and diagnostics permitted

  • Therapy and prescription durations of 1-3 months

Family Clinic



Our Family Clinic focuses on ongoing health management, chronic disease care and wellness check-ups. Oak is currently accepting Roster Applications to become a patient of our Family Clinic.

This clinic focuses on ongoing health management, chronic disease care, and wellness checkups:

  • Routine medical visits

  • Chronic disease management

  • Therapy and prescription durations of 3-6 months

Sports Medicine Clinic



Our Sports Medicine Clinic is focused on providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for sports medicine concerns (including concussions, musculoskeletal injuries, etc.)

Anyone suffering an injury, concussion or something related to movement and sports medicine, can see our NP!

Sexual Health Clinic



Our Sexual Health Clinic focuses on supporting people with all areas of sexual and hormonal health:

  • Contraception or birth control

  • Pregnancy and pre-pregnancy care

  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy

  • Well-person exams

  • Hormone health

  • STDs or STIs

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Medical Fees

Nurse Practitioners are not covered under OHIP and Oak Medical Arts is a locally-owned, private healthcare business (not a funded clinic, like other NP clinics). For these reasons, there are fees associated with medical appointments. Fees for appointments range from about $40 for a minor assessment, to $180 for labs, diagnostics and consults. We also do TB skin testing, drivers medicals, sick notes and injections. 

Our team will always discuss these fees with you prior to your appointment, so that the fees are understood fully. We do understand that this is a different model than many are used to. As a locally-owned business, we have seen many of our patients and the community challenged with difficulty accessing walk-in services and finding family providers in recent years, so we want to provide a solution to this! 

Discounts on medical fees are offered to Oak patients! 

Meet our Nurse Practitioners
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Christy NP - Academy (1).HEIC

Locations Throughout Thunder Bay

Medical services can be found at the following Oak locations:

Clinic + Pharmacy

554 Beverly St


955 Sanders Dr

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