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Supporting You and Your Mental Health!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Like our physical health, our mental health is crucial to a happy & healthy life, and sometimes, our mental health is hard for us to deal with alone, and that’s okay!

Our mental health services at Oak Medical Arts is one of the more unique counselling services in Thunder Bay. Our goal is to meet all clientele's needs and wants for your mental health journey!

We are a group of health care professionals dedicated to helping guide, educate, support, and deal with mental health issues. What makes us stand out? We CARE.

Oak is also able to offer a variety of counselling services including,

Crisis Intervention Abuse:



-Emotional Grief

-Panic Attacks




-Trauma Informed Care

-Self-Harm or Self Injury

-Violence Witnessing


-Traumatic loss

-Indian Residential Schools



-Childhood Abuse/Trauma

-Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Here at Oak, we want to make people feel comfortable so they can address the issues that are important to them. We currently offer both virtual and in person appointments.