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Roster Application

Get the primary care you need.

The Oak Private Nurse Practitioner Clinic is a fee-for-service clinic, which means that there are fees associated with the appointments. The fees can vary, depending on the type of appointment, but we will always ensure you understand these fees before the appointment!

We recognize that there are many members of our community without a primary care provider - and have created our clinic to meet this need.

Our clinic offers three distinct areas of care:
Walk-in Clinic
Consultation Clinic
Family Clinic

For our Walk-in Clinic or Consultation Clinic, please call one of our locations to book an appointment or for more information!

For people looking to roster with our Family Clinic, please complete the application below.

Roster Application Form

I understand that all my personal information is confidential and will be used for no other purpose than for review as an application form to the Family Clinic within Oak Medical Arts.

Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch soon!

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