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Oak Medical Arts

Oak Medical Arts is where great healthcare is made simple, personal, local and team-based. With six locations in Thunder Bay, we are locally owned and committed to serving the health of the community by offering all of the services you need and the care you deserve. 


Oak Medical Arts was founded to provide exceptional healthcare through an innovative and team-based approach. Our vision is to support and improve the health of our entire community through our personalized health care. 


  • Easy and Understandable 
    We work with our patients to ensure they always understand the details of their health, treatments and medications and we make it easier to access great healthcare and achieve optimal health and wellness

  • Personal 
    We strive to connect with our patients, to know them by name and go above and beyond to support the health of our patients 

  • Local 
    As a locally-owned business, our mission is to improve the health of the community that we live in and love, and be a successful business that contributes positively to the economy and community overall

  • Team-Based
    Our team of healthcare professionals can work together to help each patient achieve better health and better care


Oak's Medicl Arts History diagram


Practice Innovation


We approach every patient with empathy, understanding, and kindness. We recognize that each individual is unique and deserves respect and dignity, and we strive to provide care that reflects genuine concern for their well-being.



 We actively engage with our community, building strong relationships and actively participating in community events and initiatives. We believe in giving back to our community and fostering a healthier, happier society.

Work | Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

We believe in providing balance to all of our team members, so they can always have harmony between their work and personal lives.



We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and continuously seek opportunities for improvement and innovation. Through ongoing education and innovative practices,  we aim to excel in all aspects of our services.

Team Approach


We strive to grow and evolve as people, healthcare professionals and as a business to continuously improve the health and wellness of our community and our business’s contribution to it.


Positive Environment

Positive Environment

Our entire organization is committed to collaboratively creating a positive work environment for everyone to enjoy. We believe that a positive environment starts with the internal environment and will be demonstrated for each person walking through our door.

Practice Excellence


We believe in the power of teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration. By working together and sharing knowledge and expertise, we create a comprehensive approach to patient care that ensures the best outcomes and overall well-being.



Our team expresses great interest and passion for the work we do every day, and each team member is aligned, connected and committed to our goals. We are passionate about healthcare, helping people, and business.

Open Communication

Open Communication

We are committed to open communication, both with our patients and within our own team.

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