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Making your healthcare simple, personal, local and team-based.


Our Physiotherapists will work with you to restore movement, function and activity!

Our Registered Physiotherapists are here to assess your injury or condition and determine the best course of treatment to restore mobility, improve movement, reduce pain, educate, and prevent future injury from occurring.


Treatment plans are individualized and specific to your needs based on the findings of your assessment from your Physiotherapist. Our Physiotherapists work closely with our Kinesiologists in helping to establish appropriate treatments and exercises to help aid in your rehabilitation.

A Physiotherapist can help with injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, decreasing pain, improving movement, mobility and strength. 


Physiotherapy Treatments


Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy is a hands-on form of physiotherapy used to treat injuries. The physiotherapist will move joints and apply pressure to muscles to help relieve pain and promote recovery. Manual therapy is used to treat soft tissue, joint inflammation, increase range of motion and improve movement and function.


Exercise Prescription 

Exercise prescription is an important part of physiotherapy. Our physiotherapist develops an exercise plan for you specific to your treatment plan and goals for rehabilitation. The exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist are used to recover, manage or prevent injury. With guidance and supervision your physiotherapist will show you the appropriate exercises you need to achieve your goals.


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a form of treatment where the therapist uses special glass or silicone cups that suction to the skin to help with pain, inflammation, and blood flow. The primary side effects of cupping are bruising or possible skin irritation.


Soft Tissue Release Therapy

Soft tissue release is a hands on treatment that is used to assess and treat the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments of the body. Soft tissue release can help you restore flexibility in your muscles.


McKenzie Therapy 

The McKenzie Method of therapy consists of different evaluation techniques to help the physiotherapist determine the most effective form of treatment for you. The method involves moving the body into different positions to determine which one eases pain.



Acupuncture can help manage acute or chronic pain from injuries, decrease inflammation, promote healing and improve mobility. Acupuncture can also help to release the naturally occurring pain inhibitors through the central nervous system. Our physiotherapists use acupuncture in conjunction with other treatments to give you the best possible health care treatments specialized to your needs!

Meet our Physiotherapist


Physiotherapy services offered at the following locations:


955 Sanders Dr

Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1

P: (807) 343-8936
F: (807)333-0094

All your healthcare needs, under one roof.

Healthcare can be hard, we make it easy. At Oak, we strive to look at the big picture and take care of your health in all areas, not just one. This is where we know you by name, and you know us; where your health is our priority and we will go above and beyond; where you have an entire team working with you on your health and where your choice to support local means that our whole community thrives.

The Oak Difference





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