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5 Benefits of Going to a Locally-Owned Pharmacy

Choosing a locally-owned pharmacy has its benefits, so the next time you need to fill a prescription, give your locally-owned pharmacy a try! When you do, you’ll be sure to enjoy these five benefits of going to a locally-owned pharmacy.

1) Enjoy great service

A walk through a chain drugstore is quite different from a visit to a locally-owned pharmacy. When you get your prescriptions from a locally-owned pharmacy, the team will provide personalized service and get to know you by name. They offer fast, friendly service and most prescriptions can be filled in 10 minutes or less. When you call a local pharmacy team, you get someone who answers the phone and the team will go above and beyond to help you with anything you need!

Local pharmacies not only want to put customers first; most of them need to put customers first. Putting customers first is how local pharmacies still exist. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship: local business puts customers first and treats them right, customers come back

2) Pharmacists know you, not just your prescriptions

Pharmacists know you, not just your prescriptions. They care about you and your health. Your local pharmacy has a team that you can recognize, and owners that are also a part of this community. You can get to know the pharmacy team more, and they will get to know you, your family and your health as well. At a locally-owned pharmacy, you are more than just your prescriptions and your pharmacist will offer exceptional, personalized care.

3) More personalized consultations

Going to your local pharmacy is more than just picking up your prescriptions. They offer personalized consultations, medication reviews, smoking cessation, weight management, vaccinations and point of care testing. Plus, the pharmacists are happy to answer any questions you have about your medications or health. The pharmacists will always take the time to make sure you have the information and education you need to get the most from your medications. For a locally-owned pharmacy, it's important that the pharmacist is always accessible to patients, and has time for you!

4) Local pharmacies can bill your insurance plan and won't cost more

Locally-owned pharmacies will have generally the same pricing, types of medications offered and will be able to bill your insurance plan directly. Generally speaking, you will pay the same amount for a prescription filled at a local pharmacy as you would if it was filled at a chain pharmacy.

Pharmacists are also often available to help with insurance call questions and prior authorizations for certain prescriptions, or call your doctor for an alternative that is covered by your insurance. The price of prescription medication is standardized, so pharmacies in your area will charge the same price as other pharmacies for drugstore items. The range and type of medications offered at local pharmacies is usually just as wide as those offered by large chains or online retailers.

5) Feel good about supporting your local community

Supporting your the locally-owned businesses in your community is important. Local pharmacies are prominent community members and contributors. Everything from tax dollars paid to charity donations made by most local pharmacies is going right back into the local economy.

Oak Pharmacy Locations

Oak Medical Arts has four pharmacy locations in Thunder Bay!

  • Academy Clinic + Pharmacy 554 Beverly Street

  • Mountdale Pharmacy 620 Arthur St W

  • River Terrace Pharmacy 1260 Golf Links Rd

  • Waterfront Clinic + Pharmacy 106 Cumberland St N

Transferring Your Prescriptions

It is VERY easy to transfer your prescriptions to one of our Oak Pharmacy locations and support a locally-owned pharmacy in Thunder Bay.

All we need is your name and where you currently get your prescriptions, and we take care the the rest!

How to transfer your prescriptions:

  1. Call one of our pharmacy locations and speak with our team about transferring

  2. Fill in the Transfer form on our website


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