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Celebrating Pharmacy Appreciation Month!

Oak Medical Arts is thrilled to celebrate Pharmacy Appreciation Month! This annual event takes place in March and is a great opportunity to celebrate the important role that pharmacies play in our communities. In honour of Pharmacy Appreciation Month, we want to recognize and share the hard work and dedication of our pharmacy staff, and express our gratitude to our loyal pharmacy patients!


Oak Pharmacy Locations

Our very first location was River Terrace Pharmacy, opened in February 2014. Oak's roots are in pharmacy, but we have grown and expanded over the years to now have four pharmacy locations across Thunder Bay and expanded to many more areas of healthcare since then. At our locations now, our pharmacists work with our team of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, counsellors, and more to provide our patients well-rounded, team-based care.

What makes our Oak pharmacies different?

If you're already a patient at one of our pharmacy locations, you'll already know how different an Oak Pharmacy is from other pharmacies.

...But if you haven't yet filled a prescription at one of our locations, let us share a little bit more about what you can expect at an Oak Pharmacy:

1) We are locally owned

Oak is very different than the average big franchise or grocery store pharmacy because we are #locallyowned. In Thunder Bay, we know how important it is to support local, small businesses, and there are very few locally owned pharmacies in town - but we are one of the few!

When you support a locally owned pharmacy, you're helping a little girl get dance lessons, a boy get a team jersey, and families living in our community put food on their tables! Locally owned pharmacies don't have a "corporate office" that takes the profits of the business away from Thunder Bay, any success we have benefits this community only. We love this community, and it's our mission to have a big positive impact on the health and wellness of Thunder Bay. When you support local, you're supporting that mission!

2) You are more than a prescription

To our Oak Pharmacy teams, you are more than a prescription and more than a number. You're our neighbour, a friend of a friend, our family.

Our pharmacy teams strive to know you, so we can go above and beyond to help you with your health and medications! We want you to feel like you are at home, you are taken care of and you are more than just a prescription when you come into our pharmacies. Your medications are important, and so are you!

3) We can fill your prescriptions in 10 minutes or less (in most cases!)

We know how frustrating it is to have 2 hour wait times for an antibiotic, or waiting on hold for 30 minutes to speak to your pharmacist.

So we do things differently...

We provide fast, efficient and friendly care. For most prescriptions, we try to get you in and out as quickly as possible, because we know that you don't want to be waiting in a pharmacy forever, especially when you're not feeling well. We help you stay on top of your medications, make sure your prescriptions are ready for you when you come in, and our pharmacists will provide counselling and education on your prescriptions and answer any questions you have!

Getting your prescriptions filled doesn't have to be hard... we make it easy!

4) We do more than fill prescriptions

Our pharmacists can do so much more than just fill your prescriptions!

Here are a few examples of additional services that you can access at our Oak Pharmacy locations:

  • Vaccinations and immunizations

  • Assessment and prescribing for some common health conditions

  • Renewing and adapting prescriptions to ensure you have access to medications when you need them

  • Providing medication reviews, counselling on medications and devices, helping people quit smoking, and more!


Transfer Your Prescriptions

Did you know? Transferring your prescriptions is EASY!

All you have to do is give us your name, date of birth and where your prescriptions are currently located - and our pharmacy teams do the rest!

It's time to upgrade the care that you get from your pharmacy and receive your prescriptions from a locally owned Oak pharmacy. You deserve it, your health will benefit from this switch and your future self will thank you!

Meet our Oak Pharmacists

Let us introduce you to our amazing team of Oak Pharmacists!


Here's what our patients have to say about our pharmacies:

"They go over and above to make sure your good to go! Highly recommend this place!"

"Jon is an incredible wealth of information as well as the most compassionate/understanding human being who I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions helping the less fortunate and those struggling with various health issues to make certain no matter what their circumstances receive their prescribed medications."

"Best Pharmacy in town, Shawndra is super knowledgeable and very nice. Also she had a great team with her. Would recommend this pharmacy to anyone!!!"


Canada Pharmacy Appreciation Month is an opportunity to celebrate the important work that pharmacies do every day. At Oak Medical Arts, we are proud to be part of the Thunder Bay community and to serve our patients with care and compassion. We hope that this month will inspire everyone to show appreciation for the hardworking pharmacists and staff who make a difference in our lives.


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