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Empowering Sexual Health: Meet Christy Tashjian, NP, at Our Academy Clinic

At the Academy Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves access to comprehensive sexual health services in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. We are proud to introduce Christy Tashjian, Nurse Practitioner (NP), who specializes in providing a wide range of sexual health services, including contraceptive care, gender-affirming care, and more. In this blog post, we will explore the vital role Christy plays in promoting sexual health and well-being and highlight the services available at our clinic.

Meet Christy Tashjian, NP

Christy Tashjian is a highly skilled and compassionate Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in sexual health services. With years of experience and a deep commitment to patient care, Christy is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual health and overall well-being. She creates a safe and welcoming space where patients can openly discuss their concerns and receive personalized care tailored to their needs.

Sexual Health Services

  1. Contraceptive Care: Christy provides comprehensive contraceptive counselling and services to help individuals choose the birth control method that best suits their lifestyle, preferences, and medical history. From oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices (IUDs) to contraceptive implants and barrier methods, Christy offers expert guidance and support in selecting the right contraceptive option.

  2. Sexual Health Screenings: Regular sexual health screenings are essential for early detection and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Christy conducts thorough screenings and diagnostic tests, including STI testing, Pap smears, and HIV screening, to promote sexual health and well-being.

  3. Gender-Affirming Care: Christy is dedicated to providing compassionate support and expert guidance to transgender and non-binary individuals throughout their transition journey. She specializes in hormone therapy management, offering personalized treatment plans to help individuals achieve their desired physical appearance and align with their gender identity safely and effectively. Whether you're considering hormone therapy as part of your transition or seeking ongoing support during your journey, Christy is here to provide comprehensive care and advocacy every step of the way.

  4. Preconception Counselling: For individuals or couples planning to start a family, Christy offers comprehensive preconception counselling to optimize reproductive health and fertility. She provides guidance on prenatal vitamins, lifestyle modifications, and fertility awareness methods to support a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

  5. Education and Counseling: In addition to clinical services, Christy offers patient education and counselling on a wide range of sexual health topics, including safe sex practices, contraception options, menstrual health, and more. She takes the time to listen to her patients' concerns, answer their questions, and empower them to take control of their sexual health.

Transparent Pricing

At Oak Medical Arts, we believe in transparency when it comes to healthcare costs. As a private NP clinic, we discuss all fees upfront with our patients to ensure clarity and transparency in billing. Our goal is to provide high-quality sexual health services that are accessible and affordable for all individuals.

Oak Medical Arts is committed to promoting sexual health and well-being through compassionate care and personalized services. With Christy Tashjian, NP, leading our sexual health program, patients can trust that they are receiving expert care in a supportive and inclusive environment. Whether you're seeking contraceptive care, gender-affirming services, or sexual health screenings, we're here to support you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment with Christy today and take charge of your sexual health journey.

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